Brett Bender

Brett Bender

Hey there!

I am Brett Bender and I like to code stuff. I am a young freelance developer with a love for technology and having fun with it.


I started programming around 7 years ago, starting out with Ruby and gradually working my way up the language tree. It wasn’t until recently I decided to begin selling my services, but up until that point I mainly did open source work, or random projects for friends. I’ve never actually held a position at a proper software development company, but currently help out over @ Radical Delta.


I’ve worked on a ton of projects, some of them being posted on GitHub, others being private source never to be seen. For a quick general overview of what my grubby mitts have touched, check out my GitHub portfolio @ GreatGodApollo.


You can email me @ [email protected]
Text (or call) me @ +1(608) 571-2974